“The band evokes emotions through intensely beautiful melodies and insightful lyricism…St. Helena is every indie enthusiast’s dream.”The Noise

“A simply magical new EP…If these new songs are any indicator, I would say St. Helena has a very bright future! – Ryan’s Smashing Life

“Go ahead and love St Helena…This is some gorgeous playing on brilliantly written (and thoroughly depressing) songs. I listened to “Oh Jane” over and over; it’s as if they took the chassis from Springsteen’s “Hungry Heart” and gave it a superior engine, body, and paint job.” Cheap Thrills Boston

“St. Helena has crafted smart, insightful rock that never broods, but rather muses thoughtfully. – NorthEast Performer

“…a musically ambitious rock ’n’ roll four-piece, has great production, exemplary musicianship, interesting arrangements, changes in dynamics, fuzzy guitars, and an expressive vocalist who can soar in the falsetto stratosphere.”  The Noise

“… mediocrity is not this band’s destiny…bring on the next release.”  DC Melisma Magazine